7 thoughts on “BFO991 – Beauty Rest

  1. How DARE you! How DARE you! How DARE you!
    Though it is true! It’s an hour or more of silence on the Saturday evening!
    But if the Gavin is on it then he doesn’t stop talking, it a gavin drinking palooza all the way from 6 to midnight!

  2. Did you know I was on Gavins aftershow a few weeks ago? We talked about hocking (?) Loogies. It was sweet. I will talk about just about anything. Haha!

    Have not listened, yet. Meh! I spoke to HatM though he had to go sleepies.

    I do think though that Gavin cut it out because I asked him to not play it on the show. Oh, my gosh, I did not even know it was recorded. Ugh! Well, when you go on his show he plays a bit of something you previously said when he does intros, so there is no way I can be on again or open skype anymore.

  3. To be nicer (though right now you deserve a spanking! (but I won’t be giving you that because you would enjoy it!)), here are some suggestions for the soundboard sounds, if nobody suggested them already:
    – 3 versions of burping: soft normal, a gaz-y, and an extra wet vulgah
    – “not a winner!”, “it’s a winner”
    – let Poodle Mc Doodle say something like “you’re being Vulgah!”
    – “yo! yo!” from your Vonz version
    – the extra group collective shout out “the little show”

  4. Yes, we know you have blocked him.
    It was so good talking to you miss Baconhead and it was too bad I had to go to sleep.

  5. Oh, my favourite sound clip is that little song “It’s Friday it’s Friday, best day of the week, shalemalachem!” That’s so sweet unique and gorgeous!

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