BFO996 – Take It From a Ham Expert

The Fat One has had some wine so this one is a little off the tracks.  There are Thanksgiving cards, tips on buying a ham and a list of things you can say ONLY on Thanksgiving.  Happy National Sardines Day.  VULGAH!


  1. Why did you ask for one, I thought you already had the smallest bone. Goggle goggle!

  2. Happy Thanksgiving, BigFatty. I love you.

  3. Hilarious that card was when I saw it In the best way. Memories, friends, good times … All that. The dollar was more of a little joke since the card was kind of heavy.

    Just a great day! Just about coma time. Or not but feels like it should be.

    I love dressing, I make it with wild rice and celery and mushrooms and onions and gizzards and it’s delish. Think I will have some now that I’ve mentioned it.

    Mercy, could you believe how tall that pumpkin pie was?

  4. Happy Thanksgiving BF. Thanks for stuffing us with laughter, we just love the gigglefests!