BFO996 – Take It From a Ham Expert

The Fat One has had some wine so this one is a little off the tracks.  There are Thanksgiving cards, tips on buying a ham and a list of things you can say ONLY on Thanksgiving.  Happy National Sardines Day.  VULGAH!

4 thoughts on “BFO996 – Take It From a Ham Expert

  1. Hilarious that card was when I saw it In the best way. Memories, friends, good times … All that. The dollar was more of a little joke since the card was kind of heavy.

    Just a great day! Just about coma time. Or not but feels like it should be.

    I love dressing, I make it with wild rice and celery and mushrooms and onions and gizzards and it’s delish. Think I will have some now that I’ve mentioned it.

    Mercy, could you believe how tall that pumpkin pie was?

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