BFO998 – It’s Nothing More Than A Billboard

The Fat One natters about the coupon, soup, buying a bed and a dream involving Mr. Chekov and a catering kitchen.  Happy National French Toast Day.

BFO996 – Take It From a Ham Expert

The Fat One has had some wine so this one is a little off the tracks.  There are Thanksgiving cards, tips on buying a ham and a list of things you can say ONLY on Thanksgiving.  Happy National Sardines Day.  VULGAH!

BFO565 – Girl Power!

The Fat one heads into the Ham Holiday with a nattercast.  An update to the interweb problems mentioned on the show, BF called AT&T and was on the phone for 45 minutes and ended with an appointment with a technician on Friday morning.  3 minutes after scheduling the appointment, the interwebs started working again.