7 thoughts on “BFO221 – Poop Refills

  1. Quit your bitching….I’ll put the card in the mail today. I’m off today so I should have time to get to my cards. I never said I’d be the first. hehehe

  2. Hey Big Fatty!
    Merry Christmas to ya in the land o’ palm trees from the land o’ snow. Thanks for all your great and funny podcasts!
    I noticed that you received two Xmas cards from Bill. One from Laguna Beach and one from St Louis. Did either come from Bill the Gay Construction Worker? I have been concerned about him since he dropped outta sight after he found our he was poz. I guess he got some unkind voices letters and email about the whole bare backing scene et al and he just stopped pod-casting. I think he’s from St Louis originally. Could you send along my good wishes to him and let him know I wish him all the best and Merry Christmas too.
    Jane from Boston

  3. Ok. You called me out on the “aka”. From here on, if I need to be location specific, I shall say Bill in St. Louis. I just don’t wanna be confused with your other Bill loyal fans. The “aka” is henceforth dropped. You Shitass, but we love ya anywayz……. : )

    Yes, I’ve wondered about the lost Bill also. He hasn’t put out a podcast in quite a while. I believe he was from KC Missouri, not St. Louis.

    Bill from you know where……….

  4. LOL..Hey big fatty…did you taste those brown jelly beans out of the pooping raindeer? I pray the taste shall not fowl your toungue..LOL

    I like listening to you read the cards I am anxiously awaiting to hear the rest of them tomorrow, or the next show. It sounds like you have some great friends.

  5. Are you shitting me?I’m not even gay and I know Wham! has an Xmas song called Last Christmas.As a matter of fact, I just read GM’s bio about 2 months ago.But what the hell do I know..I thought AR was the gay one.

  6. I’m with you, Bob: I was shocked that Big Fatty didn’t know “Last Christmas”. But back in the day, I thought BOTH George and Andrew might be gay, especially after watching the “Club Tropicana” video. Even so, I assumed it was wishful thinking. Well, at least I was half right!

  7. Who’s it going to be Arthur,you or me that tells him Richard Gere likes to shove Gerbils up his arse?

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