BFO222 – More Cards and Poppers

The Fat One finishes up reading all the Christmas Cards that he has and even has time to check out the Listener Map (and so should you).  Merry Thursday.

3 thoughts on “BFO222 – More Cards and Poppers

  1. Oh dear, xmas parties with the company – how I hate hate hate those. But mine is worse. My boss makes us “celebrate” Friday evening right AFTER work and it usually does not end before 1 AM.
    There isn’t enough booze to survive something like that.

    I love those xmas cards – your listeners are so creative and funny. And it is so nice to hear the old man giggle 🙂

  2. I’m so glad that I saved this episode to listen to first thing in the morning. Now that I’ve heard Big Fatty read Christmas Cards, my day is complete before it even begins. But that’s our Big Fatty—spreading (gassy) Holiday Cheer…

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