4 thoughts on “BFO1025 – Skid Marks

  1. Yippee! Theresa is back. I hope she blows it out on the MAP being an epic failure.

  2. I wanted to explain why you got our card in a smaller envelope.
    I did pack the first 28 cards I sent in a bigger envelope. Mr. Z. did write all the addresses by hand.
    When we got to the post office, the post office lady said that it would cost us a lot of money to send the cards because the envelope size was not standard. So instead of 1$ / card we would have to pay 2$/card just because the envelope was standard card envelope and not a standard letter envelope.
    So I went to buy new standard sized envelopes. Red ones are rare to find during Chrima period. We opened all the envelopes, Mr. Z. did rewrite all the addresses again and sticked my address on all of them again.
    I went back to the post office and the size was accepted to be standard. So instead of 56$, I spent 28$ on the postage.
    Since the card we made were letter standard sized, and the envelope was standard sized, and of thick paper, the cards filled the envelopes tight.

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