10 thoughts on “BFO1038 – Specialty Beverages

  1. That little ….. GURU!!!! Those Numbers at the BNI have done made him BSC!

    I Pledge I will stand by you thick or thin, aka, Fat or Not, I will be fiscally responsible by giving all my money to the comptroller….

    Wait…. I need to get the heck to bed ~ this might be a dream….

    Someone woke me in the night (little Bacon) and why not listen to the BFO to get ‘sleepy’ again…..

  2. The Crazy #2 must protest at this!
    The electorate official campaign for the #1 fan contest hasn’t officially started yet! The candidates who called and started the campaign BEFORE Monday should be penalized and disqualified.
    Just saying!

  3. Aw, thanks for remembering my anniverserarium of exiting the birth canal! And, yes, of COURSE I remember Chef Boyardee pizza pie—I made it many a time myself. Coincidentally, I have ordered pizza pie for my birthday suppa!

  4. Wow, I am amazed how creative and funny the spotting BigFatty crowd present themselves! And all because of you BF!

    @Arthur Best wishes & kisses darling 🙂

  5. I hate to say it Guru Nuidioe but I think you just started a war if you win the contest! I think someone who has a hat in their name is poopie.

    I think I should get to count those voters, what did you say there was Big Fatty, 50 people who played?? Yes! I think I should be able to count them!

    Where’s Str8t Bob been??

    I’ll be back……………………..

  6. Been busy with a few things…
    teaching my twin 9yr olds how to drive so I can get my drink on at the over 40’s single nights(aka-grab-a-granny). Scouring public records in the Faroe Islands in search of a picture of KB. And setting up a fake Big Fatty Facebook profile so I can pretend I’m him and send ca–razy messages to everybody. It feels so good being naughty.

  7. Str8Bob – did you change the spelling of your name or did I —- it up? (Ms. Bacon has a curse word filter).

    Do you Smoke the Cigggeeerreeetttessss? Or know someone who does? Are you driving a pick-me-up truck? You wanna re-enact that Chair in the Box Scenario, its a Fat Favorite.

    Been contemplating a Kathy Bacon Facebook … I just have too many passwords.

    Crap, is this being played on the show???????????????

  8. Honestly, although someone with the word “nud(i)e” in his name might fit the moral standards of this show, I really think it is time for a female (and lesbian) Nr One fan from abroad!

    Vote Beaver!

  9. Beaver for vice- bacon for #1.

    I think it’s time people cast votes. Course if the Creator of Spotting Big Fatty’ steps forward, they’re a shoe in the door! Pants on the floo…. Well, it just rhymed.

    Got your hands full big farty.

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