BFO1037 – Pig Meat

VULGAH! The Fat One natters about Restaurant Week in Charleston before playing the new ASK SOMEONE, BIG FATTY segment and some voiceletters. The VONS, Yo, Yo, Hey, may be celebrating today since it is National Popcorn Day.

4 thoughts on “BFO1037 – Pig Meat

  1. For some reason I have nothing to comment today. I might need to relisten. I want to call, but I need to put my thoughts together for that. Oups, Bacon crazyness in contagious.

  2. HatM – then go back to the Spotting Big Fatty and you will have plenty to comment on –

    HAHA – I love the Kathy Bacon Call – haha!!

  3. Well I’ll be a son of a gun, wth does that mean?? Ask BF to Ask Someone Else. Please Ask George in Atlanta, my newest FaceSpace Friend.

    Who knew my new segment would be so Great!!!!!!! I loved Fey’s response! Thorough!!

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