BFO1036 – Twitta Twatting

The Fat One has been sick but thank goodness there are some voiceletters to play and a special Birth Canal Exiting to celebrate. Happy National Peking Duck Day.

11 thoughts on “BFO1036 – Twitta Twatting

  1. Maybe if you switched off the fake call, the mechanical calls won’t bother you 🙂 Remember you’re not on a date with a pussy cat!

  2. I sent a picture to you of Vera’s parking spot at the Vons – Kim would love to see it…..

  3. HatM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! How dare you!

    Dare you what? What was I talking about? I can’t remember.

    Oh, wait, I have to take a picture of my whip-cream-less pastry!

    Only Love guys!!!! Gracious, we are fluffy not fatties 🙂

  4. No doubt. You’re the crazy if you don’t remember.
    Whipped cream on your beard would be a perfect picture proof of it.

  5. I hope your “whipped” “cream” “pastry” are not terms describing your vajayjay, cause we don’t want pictures of that!

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