BFO1144 – Exhaustipated

The Fat One is still sick but has a special show for Friday. There’s lots of nattering and a visit to the mail bag (sounds VULGAH). Don’t gorget Father’s Day on Sunday. Here are the links for the May and June State of the Station LITTLE shows.

5 thoughts on “BFO1144 – Exhaustipated

  1. Brian from Boston has two cats,I’m sure that makes him a father.
    That cage full of gerbils in the Fat Cave would certainly put you in the same category??

  2. Get well soon sweetie. This Beaver is exhauted too and taking off a week from work and off to Venice with the Wifey. Happy farter’s day, BigFatty

  3. Oh Big Fatty will you be my “fatty daddy”? (Yummy!) You are such a sexy, sexy fatty. Well Flappy FAT-her’s Day. XOXO…
    I am thinking “vulgar” thoughts Big Faddy. [sic]
    He-he-he… 😉 I hope you had a good Dad’s day. Fat!

  4. Dear Big Fatty:

    Thank you so very much for the birthday wishes to me; it was a dream come true. I love you so much and you mean the world to me as you are my PodGod! Yes ive been a lurker for many years but I just didnt know what I could possibly say to you so I just kept lurking. Again thank you for all your shows that you do whether your sick or not and thank you for the bday wishes. I will try to be less lurking and more out there with my big fatty. love ya
    Podlitically Incorrect podcast

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