BFO1177 – I Got a Slew

Rabbit, rabbit! IT’s a new month AND a Full Moon for today’s LITTLE show. There’s a quick recap of the Pride48 State of the Station from Monday night and some voiceletters. At the end of the LITTLE show, BF get serious and asks you to visit BrideGroom Documentary. Happy Hump Day.

5 thoughts on “BFO1177 – I Got a Slew

  1. I just watched the video about Tom’s story, it was very sad. I, for the life of me cannot understand why people are like this towards gays.(and I’m not sucking up here to make amends for yesterdays faux pas)
    Am I better than you because I’m not gay? I don’t think so. I cannot understand why people think they are the chosen ones.
    Good luck on the marriage thing peoples (god knows I learned the hard way)Ha!!

  2. Oh my! That video had me balling my eyes out! It’s ridiculous how people are treated for being themselves.

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