9 thoughts on “BFO1254 – Shiver Me Timbers

  1. Dear gussie! I hope miss Bacon doesn’t post her under arms, vejayjay or toe hairs staches progress publicly otherwise they would get on the pokin it podcast as a picture discussion!

  2. I have a question & request about today’s podart. I see these 3 picture selection of you and I remember when Mr L.H.Vader took them, but do you still use those pants or have they been thrown away? Can you take the same pictures as you are so much petite than before due to the dinosaur diet?

  3. I didn’t know you had to heat the seats in the car because of your hemorrhoids, I thought you had an iPhone.

  4. I remember working in retail around the holidays. Pure torture. Back then having to take up at 3am to work at 4am was a sin. Now I see ads where they open at 10pm the night of thanksgiving and are open all through the night… Ridiculous. I bet by the time I have kids, Thanksgiving and Christmas won’t even be paid holidays anymore 🙁 I’m done complaining….

    HatM, you crack me up.

  5. Wouldn’t HatM like to know. Haha.

    Yay Kyle.

    Sounds like the chicken hypnosis was over taken by a kitty cat.

  6. Musings of a tech writer link please. This is where I go to listen to other little shows on my cellular telephonic device. Norush . I will Google it. He is telling some enjoyable stories.

    I love the caption over big Ricky. How longs Herbie been gone.

  7. Mercy. If you didn’t see gurus pictures on twitter you have to. He’s crazy! Love him!

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