BFO1463 – Off to Vegas

The Fat One is on an aeroplano (Mexican for aeroplano) to Lost Wages. Today there is a final update on information and a www to keep up with the shows and events for your cellular telephonic device. Plus there was something in the P.O. Box. Safe travels to Vegas and Happy Humping!


2 thoughts on “BFO1463 – Off to Vegas

  1. I’m a fool, I did promise my colleague who helped translate the Mexican Slovakian text from the card you would take a picture with the glasses on. Hope it’s not too bothering to ask. Hope poodle is enjoying them too. Oh you could take them to Vegas too…not.
    Have a nice flight!

  2. I am sure HatMs friend will enjoy the picture with glasses on, as long as it is not with pants off

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