4 thoughts on “BFO1558 – Flu Shot

  1. Let’s wait until Kabay calls in with one of her dreams before we rush to judgement on your dream BF.

  2. What will you do, when you retire from the coal mine? Move to Walnut Hills and live with the Von’s like the Golden Girls? Is there bacon flavored cheese cake?

  3. Now how appropriate I called yesterday evening. Just herd now you had a flu shot dream…
    and I called to aks big fatty about that, but I’m not sure you got the call.
    It must be telepathic! Or I’m on you mind and dreams.
    Did the doctor get a flu shot too, because it seams to am that since you had the flu and honked with him,
    not sure he didn’t get sick and had to get sex and a flu shot.

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