10 thoughts on “BFO1575 – Government Orifice

  1. Congrats Kabay.
    Along with the tech segment, could we introduce another one? How about about the- Let’s Help Get Str8 Bob Laid segment?

  2. Thanks for the encouragement KB.
    The wise old lesbian that you are, you’ve probably heard this once or twice before……9 months trying to get out, a lifetime trying to get back in.

  3. Winner. Winner. Chicken dinner.

    The train wreck of the year … Until tomorrow…

  4. Str8bob in junior high I was with a friend walking down Main Street. Pass a guy. Say hey you wanna get laid? He turns all excited….YES!!

    I say crawl up a chickens a… & wait.

    Careful what you wish for. LOL.

  5. My friend Holly and I were … Fun. Let’s say.

    A year or so later a drop dead gorgeous guy was walking out ofa bar – iI said, “can iI marry you?”.

    In SD there was two kinds of alcohol ? 3.2 and high point. So – when I was 19 I could go to the bar.

    My friend and I were playing pool and this guy comes up to us and asks if I remember him. His name was John Bradner. I said, oh! Brad Johner? He had given me his card when I saw him leave the bar … Which is how I knew his name. He looks a lot like Hat if Hat had longer hair – mullet like. Haha!

    So – hr starts coming to the restaurant that I worked at with his anorexic girlfriend. He was an aviator. Is that the word? They fly planes and spray farm fields?

    Needless to say – he made a rude comment to me later down the road and I wrote him off. Then heard later that he died in a plane crash.

    He was so hot …. Mercy!

    Course so is smelly (: even more so!

  6. And an FYI – that was my 125# mini shirt and tank top days on the late 80’s.

    Frosted Guess Jeans.

    I though I was fat then.

    People are never happy about weight, ate they? Oh well.

    So! Are we all going to NY to hang out with KB? Literally Spotting Kim Beaver (:

    Okay. I will quit spamming you.

    Pinch larry please. Right under the arm where it hurts.

  7. Just look for the highest concentration of tuna and in the center of it you will find kb

  8. Hey Fun Gal..that is a hot tip.
    I’m going to get steppin this afternoon with my best suit coat + white t-shirt and listen for girls in acid washed jeans asking men if they want to get laid.

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