8 thoughts on “BFO1580 – Poodle’s Antics

  1. You are a team player indeed! I guess that is why you are so popular at the horrah events 🙂

  2. I love the Pineapple song too – lovely, and thanks sweetie.
    I also love the Valentine kitty display on the facespace. As I hear, the artist behind it is that crazy Nr 1 Mexican in cooperation with mastermind 00Bacon, SD. I think they are amazing!!!

  3. Great, now the neighbors from downstairs are complaining about the noise – I just did my Hula to Kyle’s song – why did that white boy call me Ms Stomperson?!?!

  4. David…could I give you some sincere advice?
    Do yourself a favor and buy a dryer (even a used one that you will toss when you are finished) and hook it up in the basement.
    A few hundred bucks will save you some serious heartburn and anger. It only took me 15 moves in my lifetime to figure it out.
    And peeps…the greatest lesson I learned in life was in Fort Lauderdale during spring break. When you want to have a good night, and the bar is packed, take $10-$20 from each person and tip the bartender first go. It will be the best value for $20 you ever spend.

  5. And next time…could at least one the gays let the str8 guy in on the Squeaky Kitty joke? Wah.

  6. The best blow out message.

    Who knew David was a curser.

    Dear Lord. Delete those messages and spare the masses the agony. No one will miss a thing.

    I am a minion. #44. Go me!

    You really dont have to play the messages. They probably make even less sense now. Trust me.

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