BFO1636 -Green Thumb

The Fat One has a list today that includes a reminder about Mother’s Day, a visit to Spotting Big Fatty, voice letters and a trip to the P.O. Box. Don’t forget to join the chat room for the first STATE OF THE STATION for Pride 48 this Sunday night, May 4, at 7pm EDT.


3 thoughts on “BFO1636 -Green Thumb

  1. Dear card artist thank you. Chaddy-Gussie! 😀
    Please excuse me. I’m a bit discombobulated.
    Rough week.
    Maybe I will blow it out when it’s all over.

    Nonetheless I she’d tears and stopped in my tracks when fatty pants opened your
    Little card. You have touched and warmed my heart. Your thoughts and kindness
    Just make me a giddy school girl. Thank you. Xoxox.

    YES! YES!! Double Entry on the May Day Bacon Recipe Contest.

    I woke in the night and went CRAP!!!! I did not leave a comment on the card show
    And I failed to acknowledge the request.

    I got to work wednesday and a friend needed me to go with her to her divorce hearing
    So I was out of here. They I get back to work on May Day to find some guy accused me
    Of treating him less than human because I wouldn’t let him enter the building.

    Needless to say it’s upsetting to me – it’s a secure building and his accusations are false.
    Sadly I’m surrounded by people lacking morals and integrity.

    So! Rough May Day but you all bring it back to joyous!!!

    Thank you Big Fatty!!!

  2. Rough time for little beavers too :/ never work for the Queen of Hearts my mother said.
    I should have listened to mummy.
    Anyhow, focus on the good things. The Stompersons have moved out and I cannot enjoy enough
    the heavenly silence.
    Good thoughts to Dr Stone.

    Happy squeakend to you all xo kb

  3. Lurry dean smooches and guru nekkidness.

    Told smelly to treat the horrible because this weekend will
    Be all about fitbit deep cleaning hot tubbing and adult beverages.

    Feeding my liver. (:

    Did get news that the person who holds my are doe not re an error on my part.

    Ugh. Love you fatliners. Get it. Big fatty online.

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