8 thoughts on “BFO1836 – Waxy Chocolate

  1. You know the result of all those mix ups with you.
    Every such child would bevfat, bald, could not walk, would hate heat, smell like deer urine and would really be obsessed with grammar and correcting others. Oh the Horrah!!

  2. If I was given a choice to see a picture of The Skull, or KB, I would not be able to pick one.

  3. I just listened. My entire week has been thrown off – people interrupting me at work and making me forget the important things ~ like bowels.

    Speaking of Bowels – while I was awake in the middle of the night last night I was thinking I was going to start calling you Shart instead of Fart since you are fixated on SHARTS – and then thought during Shart Week it would really be fitting. So – PLEASE Remind me if I forget – Thanks Sugar.

    The Former Bacon sure had a lot to say today –

  4. I love the Skull. the lights in the closet and holiday sweaters and of course LARRY H. VADER

    Remember when Lala called in – in 2007 and said she would …. oh never mind, it is more vulgar than I would ever repeat = and it was actually on the LFC.

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