3 thoughts on “BFO1837 – Larry Gunterson

  1. Actually learned this while working on the 3rd floor of a brownstone in the Back Bay of Boston occupied by 2 gay guys don’t cha know….
    If you have any old big stuff like a couch, table, etc……..donate it to the Salvation or charity of your choice, they will send movers to schlep it out for free.

  2. Tristin’s thoughts during this episode!

    8 Years? I think it’s time to cancel this shit!
    Big Fatty is a walking error, just saying!
    Only Big Fatty could rock a cave, just saying!
    I thought my voicemails were drunk, clearly your a magnet for such things!
    Nobody want’s to know what’s in your boxes!
    #prozac (it had to be repeated)
    I like when the piggy wee wees on me, just saying.
    He plays it off as fan fiction, but it’s all true! I’ve seen the pictures!
    Yes, lets call the Novel “50 shades of FAT”
    I have to do it #prozac
    Don’t worry, I still love you!

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