8 thoughts on “BFO217 – The Fat Elf

  1. hey big fatty i did the elf yourself, it was fun thank you and i have been meaning to tell you i have the price is right app on my iphone and i love it thanks for telling us about it. every time i play it i think of you. i think you should use your new camera and show us all your Christmas cards so we can see what they look like. anyways thanks again big fatty you are the best

  2. Finally caught up with this weeks shows, been crazy here at work with all day meetings.

    Keep on farting.

  3. Your card is *finally* in the mail! (Here’s hoping you get a landslide of good wishes.)

  4. It took me until minute 27 of that story to realize he was talking about AVC! 🙂

    For Christmas, just for Christmas, could you do 25 minutes shows so we can get some mammary gland music back? It would be an incredible gift to have 5 more minutes of fatty every day for a month!

  5. Catching up today. OMFG! He told me he was going to pay me back for my 200th. But he wouldn’t tell me how. I’m LMFAO.

    Now on to more listening. Thank GOD you only do 20 minute shows.

    Hate you,

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