6 thoughts on “BFO218 – And the Winner is…..

  1. oh, please do post the xmas cards – I would love to see them (although your verbal descriptions were colourful, precise and as always completely useless 🙂

    LOVE YOU!!!! 🙂

  2. Rigged! I think it was rigged! Just teasing.

    Great opening. You always tease us with opening packages and then you don’t do it. What a tease. hehehe

  3. GOOD LORD Archer can natter, cain’t he?!?

    I normally like cheesey Christmas tunes, but Julie Andrews made me pull my hearing aid out.

    Perhaps you could make a photo book like Archer’s of all your cards??? I know how much you aspire to be Archer.

    How doesn’t love a good pop-out???

    HOORAY ___. Congratulations. (Didn’t want to put a spoiler for the lurkers!)

  4. Glad you liked the pop-up! It does make a dent in my purse.

    Did you notice on your album art that the teddy bear on the top row looks like it has boobs? Oh, Lord.

  5. I’m a Julie Andrews neutral generally—don’t necessarily like her or dislike her—but dear gods that song made my ears bleed! What on earth were they thinking?! I wish Big Fatty had been extra-gassy at that point to drown out the song. Maybe next time. 😉

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