10 thoughts on “BFO2309 – Cellaphonic Starbuckle

  1. Be careful using indoor lights outside. Not as weather proof as outdoor lights. You might want to unplug them if it rains.

  2. OMG. hope that extension cord is plugged into a surge protector.

    Fart. Run these horrible ideas past an electricians wife before you do that!!!

    I’m going to draw a random number and just count toward from today to December 21th.

    Sheesh. You need to announce that you reply to all the comments.

    Sorry Peter ~ not a winner.

    I should have disqualified all previous winners. Just kidding.

    I might need assistance procuring a charger plate electronic.

    How about that Tommy heading to Dublin today?!?

  3. If I were in Christmas Vacation, Im sure, I would be Eddie, wearing a short short White robe and black boots, standing in the street and cleaning out the shitter ..

  4. The contest has begun!! w00t!

    Fig Batty, I got my chrima tree up this weekend! I don’t think my 11 week old kitten has stopped messing with it. I’m sure I’ll find him in it when I get home

  5. I just Tweeted to you a picture of a picture postcard that I’d already addressed to our friends at Greetings From Nowhere and Brain Dead podcasts.
    It would have been perfect for you, too.
    It’s a curfufel!

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