BFO2361 – Prep Day

Rabbit, Rabbit! The Fat One announces the winner of the Gus Chad January Content Contest after a few late entries. Plus there’s some nattering too! Don’t forget that the deadline to enter the #1 Fan of the BFO for 2017 Contest is FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 3 at 6pm EST. Just send an e-letter (only) to with #1 Fan Contest in the subject line and tell the Fat One, in 25 words or less, why you want to be the #1 Fan! Happy Humping!

4 thoughts on “BFO2361 – Prep Day

  1. So happy turnipHed won the little contest!

    He (and other contestants) conducted an emergency test of my tear ducts.
    They still work.

    BF, how do you remember to say “Rabbit, Rabbit!”? When I hear the first strains of the Vulgarian Nat’l Anthem, I affix post-its to poor old Mr. Coffee to alert me that it’s going to be the first of the month. Then, in the morning when I taste the 3M adhesive in my coffee, I know to say “Rabbit, Rabbit!” and spit out the damp post-its…

    Maybe you have a better way.

  2. Lol, Cathy, you always make me laugh. I think you should move in with BigFatty, Squeaky, Poodle and the rest of the merry bunch. You would make a great addition to the Villa 🙂

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