BFO240 – Phlegmy McPhlegmphlegm

The Fat One is full of wings and salad as he tells you about his first day back at the Coal Mine.  There are voiceletters and a cruise ship update also.  Happy Tuesday.


4 thoughts on “BFO240 – Phlegmy McPhlegmphlegm

  1. A buckeye is a nut! They grow on trees. You should know about nuts, Big Fatty.

    But one fun Ohio tradition- (I used to live in Columbus, home of The Ohio State University) Around the holidays everyone makes their own “buckeyes” by making a ball out of a mixture of peanut butter and sugar, then dipping part of it in chocolate, leaving part of the peanut butter showing at the top, so it resembles a buckeye! Yum.


  2. Oh, did MY Texas Longhorns win this game of which you spoke?

    Doesn’t getting cruised by hot homeless people always make your day?

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