2 thoughts on “BFO2945 – Str8 Bob’s Windy Pop

  1. Always amazed when BF remembers this stuff.
    Well..I was at my sons Muay Thai boxing class watching a woman pull her shorts
    out of her fannie ( the Australian fannie, not the American fannie) when I heard my name and
    the map.
    I’m spilling the beans here, but I probably should so that I get this thing out there finally.
    I have the idea of sending BF a world map as a going away present for quite a while.
    I thought as a gift from all of us, we could all go to Staples, or Office works here,
    get one of those passport size photos and send it to BF.
    He then pins or blue tacks it on.
    For weeks I’ve been wondering if it would work as I would hate to see a world map with 7
    pictures on it.
    Maybe we could (me) find an electronic one online and each send a picture electronically
    for BF to print out? It would be a cheaper looking map, but I think it may have a better
    chance at everybody being on the map?
    Discuss….( that was in my Mike Myers coffee talk voice)

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