8 thoughts on “BFO3000 – The End?

  1. Thank you for the years of kindness. And thank you for helping bring so many new friends together.

  2. Haven’t listened yet ~ been so distracted with all these “attempted” ends

    Glad it isn’t over!! More contests, yay?


  3. Well done BF…that was a BIG effort.
    When I first started to listen, I use to put my boys in their feet pj’s and let them fall asleep in the car listening to books being read.
    Once when I came to stop and looked back to see if they had fallen asleep, and I saw them giggling.
    Oh shit…I had the BFO on the Ipod after the book.
    Both now have size 12 feet.
    Not sure how I’m going to adjust to not having you here everyday, you were the one thing I could count on in the past 10 yrs (I came in a few shows late)

  4. Thanks BF! Wiping my eyes as I write this. I suppose it’s better than wiping something else. Love ya!

    Stacy in Hillsborough

  5. Wow! 3000 shows. Unbelievable. And I listened to all of them (does double speed count?)
    Thank you for being an amazing friend. The podosphere wouldn‘t be the same without you, like the Villa without its special chair!
    Big Beaver hugs Sweetie xo

  6. Well now, don’t this beat all… I mean HONESTLY! It really does… Congrats on 3,000 BF! Can’t begin to explain what you’ve done or why it’s so freaking amazing and all I can really say is… thank you… and Best wishes for future episodes…

  7. Dear Big Fatty,

    Hearty farty congratulations on 3000 episodes!

    I am thrilled that you are continuing with the laughs and your witty wisdom!

    With love & a laugh, Francie

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