3 thoughts on “BFO3251 – Hot Spoon

  1. Have you fired up that tens unit yet? Keep us posted. Maybe a new segment on how to use one? You’ll need a bumpah!

  2. I cannot believe that I am faster than Dr Prof Stone!
    Let me Lesplain dear. If you are stung by a bug little parts of its saliva, sometimes venom or other protein based liquids get into the wound. If you administer warmth (not heat!) carefully the temperature will denaturate and destroy the proteins of the bug spit in your system. The reaction to it will be less severe then. A mosquito bite treated this way won‘t hurt as much. Nicolas Grandma must be a very wise woman! There are even little devices that use piezo electric little shocks when you press them onto the bite. The electric shock destroys the venom or mosquito spit like the warm spoon.

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