2 thoughts on “BFO3276 – Unsurvivable

  1. I love the heavy duty…aluminum foil. A few weeks ago, all I could find was the cheap thin stuff because we must be rationing aluminum to send to our boys oversea fighting the COVID.

  2. Hi Big Fatty,
    Bringing up Hurricane Hugo brought back memories. Sept. 1989 we were living in Ct, Sarah our first born was less than a month old, we got bad wind , rain, power out for days.
    Then August 1992, when Shannon was born we got remnants of Hurricane Andrew. When our youngest , Stephen was born April 1996 we had a spring snow storm dumped half foot heavy wet snow for Easter time. We were fortunate to have weathered the the weather.
    Being home so much during pandemic gives one lots to time to remember things.
    Stay safe! With love and a laugh, Francie
    Hugs for Poodle and squeezes for Squeaky Kitty

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