3 thoughts on “BFO3404 – Ask Martha

  1. Hey BF,

    So interesting you mentioned your purchases from Replacements, Ltd. They are located just 30 minutes from us in Hillsborough. Hope you enjoy your dinnerware.

    Stacy in Hillsborough

  2. I’ve been to Replacements Ltd.

    Gay owned company. Treat employees well. They are about an hour from my house. We’ve sold them some old china and bought stuff from them also.

    They have an interesting china museum on the grounds. Pretty pieces.

    You need a road trip.

  3. My consumer report on Washington’s Birthday is the Bed Bath and Behind is out of queen sized linens. I went to check them out online and there is almost nothing left. My love for that store has been waning for a year. If you’re buying gasoline, steer clear of San Diego. Average price is $3.65 a gallon.

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