4 thoughts on “BFO3411 – I’m Ivory Soap Sure

  1. Persimmons are so good. They are available in the fall. Look like small, orange tomatoes but are sweet and delicious. I’ve heard of people making pudding with them. Haven’t tried it. The persimmons don’t last long enough in our house.

  2. I can’t believe you’ve never heard of a persimmon. As to what it smells like, well according to askinglot.com:

    Some people find persimmon itself to have a musky womanly smell but an amazing amount of people seem to think it smells like semen.

  3. SSQD says all questions from Down-Under Mexico qualify as so-so.

    Also, same shit with my work and Windows 10 “upgrade.” Hate it hate it hate it.

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