3 thoughts on “BFO3893 – Enough Already?

  1. Would hate to see the little show end but know you must be tired of doing it.

    You decide what’s best for you. Your loving public will accept your decision. We all want what’s best for you.

    Besides; you can always make guest appearances on Mix Minus. I’m sure Scott will share the stage from time to time.

  2. The public domain stands to benefit greatly if you do retire the little show.

    If you do retire, remember to review your Medicare options to avoid paying fines.

  3. So… here’s the thing… a lot of folks… like me for example… would be happy as anything if “Big Fatty Online” kept going 5 times a week… I mean… Cheerios in the morning and BF is a… BELOVED TRADITION! And I’m NOT kidding!

    However… this is a choice only you can make. All I can say is… come the day you are tired and doing the podcast is a chore… should wanna shut it down? Then of course you should! All I ask is… please don’t let it become a chore. No reason IN THE WORLD to do that to yourself! There are options… record every other day? Record only once a week? Record only when you feel like it? Stop recording altogether? That’s all for you to decide!

    Every week we get from you is a gift.

    Anyways… all my best to you and know that as long as you do put out the little shoe… whatever the schedule… I’ll always be listening!

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