6 thoughts on “BFO434 – Church Talk

  1. OMG, I have not laughed that hard in a while. Those church signs had me on the verge of tears. Made the old bat that sits in front of me listen too. She loved it.
    I’ll try to give you a drunkie call some time this weekend since I’ll be out calibrating my 49th B-day. (It’s really on Monday)
    Hugs Gavin
    Oh, and you have big balls

  2. I was in tears listening to this show and for a different reason to normal 🙂

    The church announcements were Hilarious!!!!!!

    Loved your story about what you did as a kid. Love it!

  3. bf, Please keep “religion” out of PUBLIC broadcasting!
    Archerr cannot listen to your shows like this, as religion should not be supporting things – especially podcasts. Even if it does make us laugh.

    i, of course, did listen today and am very offended! No doubt, you’ll be hearing from ASIO soon (i.e. that’s the Aussie version of the CIA). They’ll whip your butt for such hillarity. (no sling usage tho, that’s the FBI’s territory).

    stay fat.

  4. Very funny Fatty. I’m still chuckling. Favorite line = “enter through the double doors.”


  5. Oh, Lord! Can I ever relate to the story about “Just As I Am.”

    That was the most excruciating hymn in the book, but made even more horrible when a whole sanctuary of off-key singers wailed out each of the thousand verses.

    And did they ever stop when somebody responded to the “altar call?” No! They kept on going, just in case they could wrench somebody else out of a pew.

    I just wish I had been brave enough to say what The Fat One said to the preacher…lol.

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