4 thoughts on “BFO629 – Big Brother and the City

  1. bocking balls?

    This must be the first ball game you haven’t heard of before 🙂

    LOL, imagine BigFatty in the BigMother house! After one day of farting he would be alone and the winner!!!!!

  2. Thanks for the Canada Day shout out Fatty! We’re your biggest fans 🙂

    I can’t believe Ragan Fox will be on BB! He’s very smart, so he’ll go far, but I think he’ll have to keep his larger than life personality a bit low key for the first while in order to do so.

  3. Shocking news to hear about Ragan and I hope he does well or it will be a big trainwreck!

    Regarding the other contestants I think Andrew and Brendon are very hot!

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