BFO739 – Holiday Glee

Stop the presses!  There are NO Chrima cards read on today’s LITTLE SHOW.  But there’s plenty more to fill up the 20 minutes to include voiceletters, new words and coconut M&Ms.  Happy National Fritters Day.  Thanks to Miss LaLaLaLauren for today’s artwork.

4 thoughts on “BFO739 – Holiday Glee

  1. We want to see a picture of BigFatty in the Jock Straps!!!

    Uhmm, wait – on second thought…

    Anywho, go Wesley go! I knew the Cuntryboy was a cutie, but that picture is really something!

  2. I like…Trustfundarians
    Dirty,smelly,dreadlocked backpackers posing as keepers of Mother Earth, secretly,and quietly living off trustfunds set up by their parents.(Scotty would see a bit of this up in Brisvegas)

  3. I think Countryboy Wes should receive a complementary copy of “Anonymous”.

  4. I’m very pleased to vote for Wes the Country Boy, but I have to admit, he has some stiff competition.

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