7 thoughts on “BFO806 – Plumb Tuckered Out

  1. Awe – I can’t wair to hear. I am out celebrating my etbc day. :). I heart the fat one. Have a great Tursday!!!!

  2. OR THursday pending your nationality (or spelling ability). Maybe I should have another drink. GOsh I am going to have the bed spins & not in a …. DUrty!

  3. Now what is this crappy music? Miami Vice? You had this with the card coupon? It’s as worth as it’s cheapness.

  4. Are we having memory lane music every Thursday then? What’s next week, Dynasty music? I’ll have to skip this day then.

  5. Oh Snap! The Hungarian Don Rickles!
    I just suscribed to Hats Youtube. Genious!

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