BFO807 – Feeling Better Than a Coil of …….

Dear Gussie it’s off the tracks for your FRIDAY enjoyment.  There’s more celebrations of exiting the birth canal and a comparison of High Schools in 1957 and 2010.  Special thoughts also for Miss Lauren.

6 thoughts on “BFO807 – Feeling Better Than a Coil of …….

  1. I’m sure that he or she with the name Bacon in it is aware that AA is a cult and has a 5% success rate.

  2. str8Bob – that is hilarious! I did see old Charlie on 20/20 and heard all his words of wisdom (wizdumb).

    Kim beaver, I am sure the Bacon-person loves Ms. Beaver!!

    Thanks BF 🙂

  3. The torch has been passed KaBa.
    Feel free to ask any questions,I’m happy to help.

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