BFO886 – Larry the Wise One

The Fat One has an update for those attending Pride 48 but also has a coupon and a visit to the P. O. Box.  If you click on the link below to make your online reservations, Pride 48 will benefit from your reservation WITHOUT any addition expense to you.  Please consider clicking here: RESERVATIONS

6 thoughts on “BFO886 – Larry the Wise One

  1. I thought you would be getting rooms on the same floor next to each other. But seams like some must want to be in luxury spaces and leave the poor ones in the mexican cheap rooms far away.
    Or maybe they don’t want to be hearing the Horrah happening in some rooms…

  2. 15 min for two gentlemen callers, that’s his record. He can do better than that! It will be 20 podcasters in minutes, each one per every button on the BFO app pressed.

  3. That’s why they reserved the basement floor for him, free of charge! He will be near the pipes, he can provide farting gas for the central water heating and for the cooking.

  4. Thanks for the Viva Las Vegas update BF. I can always count on you to keep me in the loop. Room is reserved and I’ve got my ticket…cha cha cha! I can’t wait to meet all the other super fans and of course the internet celebrities such as yourself.

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