BFO894 – Ugly Guy

The Fat One finishes the weekend and holiday recap and still has time for extra nattering.  Happy National Apple Turnover Day.  Special thanks to the Patron Saint of the BFO for today’s show art.

3 thoughts on “BFO894 – Ugly Guy

  1. What a horrible joke! Lol !!!

    I hope it does not explain your amazing success with the gentleman callers.

    Lol I feel so ashamed that I am still laughing – too vulgah! Lol:)

  2. Casual suit? Is that like a Leisure Suit? Quite the savings! Never been to one, but will have to try Khols.

  3. Well Bigfatty you certainly kicked my ass at Kohls. You’re also kicking my ass in Words With Friends. Thanks for being such a worthy opponent!

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