3 thoughts on “BFO917 – Mushroom Caps

  1. Kyocera – impronounceable,mexican,smells vile,prints are fine. Of course, you could also use a pocket knife, watercolour and a potatoe

  2. @guru thanks for being such a sweet gentleman

    @kathybacon thanks for being bat shit crazy. You always make me laugh

    @hatm Minden jót kívánok a névnapjára!

  3. Vulgah! Caps? How about the Nips? You know, for Nippa-Naps?

    He will cut the show in half for a GC but not for his impatient father? Poor Big Fatty!

    I can’t wait to hear what is in the box – its like a Mystery Episode today!

    OMG – I am so laughing still at the shirt idea!

    You need to go green – so order the printer that prints on front & back!

    Have a great weekend! I sure hope a lot of people gave Dr. Stone some birthday happies and or shout-outs!

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