4 thoughts on “BFO916 – Evaporate and Clinch

  1. The beaver is between a hard place and a rock at the moment. Someone is pointing a dirty finger at me and blames me for her own negligence and problems but that is another story.
    Just seeing today’s title made me laugh and smile again for a long time. Thanks for making my heart a little lighter today.

  2. What? Guns & Ammo aren’t on tax free back-to-school holiday? They are in Florida! 🙂

  3. Mercy! I hear Home pooper is the way to be – unless of course if you’re the terlitte! Oh! Change the subject!

    I lilked Little Chubbies until you ‘put it that way’ and I don’t like Larries. I am a girl!! I don’t like Lorainne’as either – oh, big Fatty who knew this would be so difficult. Why doesn’t Vera and Joe and Nessa help – they were so creative with their own.

    Since the premise of the show is fat and you love ham & bacon –

    Well, maybe its old and fizzled by now. Who knew it would be so difficult?

    P.S. I need to learn to record myself on my MBP & send the file so I quit coming off sounding bat $hit crazy! Even when you read my well constructed sentences you make me sound bat $hit crasy.

    I am smelling burnt somethIng or other – I would love for the fire alarm to go off now!

    Bye Big fatty

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