BFO920 – Double Nickles

The Fat One celebrates today by opening packages and cards and playing voiceletters.  Much love to everyone who listens… it’s the best gift you can give me!  Happy ice cream and cake day!

5 thoughts on “BFO920 – Double Nickles

  1. Dear Gussie! Vera should stop eating her Cheerios with fabric softener.
    I miss her funny snarks -(those kittens were brilliant 🙂

  2. Well said Steven!
    Great to hear from Phil!
    I hope I can get my freak on as well as you when I’m 55.
    Happy Birthday buddy. XO

  3. Poor Big Fatty couldn’t squeeze it all in – or is that ‘Squeeze it all out?’.

    Fatty Fatty two-by-four is no longer fifty-four!


    Sincerely love & adore you!

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