BFO – 3423 – I Didn’t Realize Vanilla Ice Changed His Name

The Fat One closes out the week with some memories of the Hatarina, a recap of his day, a Blow It Out voiceletter and the winner of the February So-So Question Contest. Happy National Chocolate Caramel Day.

2 thoughts on “BFO – 3423 – I Didn’t Realize Vanilla Ice Changed His Name

  1. Haterina cake corner wishes xo

    But question ~ have you ever tried to cook or been interested ~ I enjoy cooking. Actually love cooking. Like following a recipe. But. I have never fed people who cared about variety. We lived off the same foods. Whomp-whomp!!

    Have a great weekend Fart. Lovely mama tribute and thoughts.

    Congrats mediocre winner. Haha. That presentation of award was the best. OMG. Peter, we might all be dead. Well. I am going to start making my list now for next year.

  2. Vanilla Ice’s last name is indeed Van Winkle. I was in elementary school when he was big, and our principal had the same name, which is why I remember such a useless factoid.

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