BFO1159 – Hotel Pun

The Fat One takes it off the tracks on the last day of the week. There’s talk about the Census, quiz programs and a trip to Spotting Big Fatty PLUS he finally reads the cards from the P.O. Box and finishes recapping the July 4 holiday. Happy National Fried Chicken Day.

8 thoughts on “BFO1159 – Hotel Pun

  1. Aww, thank you so much for the wonderful cards. This is so sweet 🙂

    Oh dear, I am so sorry BigFatty, have I missed your birthday again?! Why hasn’t RRH informed us on the spacebook? Pressie is already in the mail, sweetie. I hope you had a lovely celebration with cake!

    Love you all

  2. Ok, I just put something onto the post boat which has just left TH for the Americas. If the winds are good and the waters calm it will reach you around the 11th – once again happy birthday sweetheart!

    xo kb

  3. Apparently your personal assistant doesn’t work very well on reporting on those exitings cause he missed the most important one: yours! So happy birthday! I’ll have to send a card in extra prioritaire or just send a Morse message.

  4. Yay! If you are springing for the shipping I am going to send a big prezzie to KB. When I was recently on vacation at the Yellowstone I happened upon a 50 pound rock. I think it would look lovely in KB’s front yard and I can always get a new one. You are too kind!

    August 10 is your birthdate, right?

  5. Ok, so I read the comments and was so confused I had to relisten (truly horrifying). Who knew that BFO census month was also BFO birthday month! You and Paul both. Must be a center of the podcasting universe thing…

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