7 thoughts on “BFO1377 – 57

  1. Are you celebrating by not posting the file? That’s the biggest gift you could get us and the vonz!

  2. Now how clever you are by teasing us with the contest by making us come back to listen

  3. Who is ‘we’ is that me and the turd in your pocket???? Haha! Oh goodness, the suspense is killing me! I have been up for an hour waiting to listen I thought the show posted ay midnight! Poor Vera! Did he get to steal it to fall asleep to? And ruin the surprise? Kidding. Well! Back to sleep for one hour! Yooooouuuuu hhooooo Tim., help! What did fatty do wrong?

  4. By hydrate does SBob mean lubrication all day long? You could have a 15min gentlemen caller marathon!

  5. Wes Stone – the prize will be mailed to South Cacklakey and then to you. The Scenic Route. And I’m sure Fatty would like to give you a BFO memorabilia of some sort. 🙂

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