BFO1446 – A Sight For Sore Eyes

The Fat One does a quick birthday weekend recap before STARTING to open cards and giftettes. Many thanks to everyone who called, sent e-letters or twitty messages or just thought about how ancient BF is. Special thanks to Gavin for the birthday surprise on Stick It With a Poke. Happy National Julienne Fries Day.


One thought on “BFO1446 – A Sight For Sore Eyes

  1. Sometimes poodle steals the show. The fact that she was covered in icing is just hilarious. I can almost picture it. Dear Gussie.

    I heard you say you were going to Divas with some guests Sunday night. It almost made me buy a ticket so announce that again, it may change others minds. I do have to leave for the airport at 5 am Monday so I am going to pass. But …. I just about jumped in!!

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