2 thoughts on “BFO1485 – Quick as a Wink

  1. Its like KB is a mind reader or something. Love it. Sure hope there’s a new one every ten days. Every five would be great but I won’t be greedy!

    well. I will be greedy when it comes to this shut down! I start six hour days November 1 to use 90 hours of use or lose. And I’m taking two days after Chroma off.

    Considering a trip to Florida or New York as the Chroma gift. These kids have enough! Mama needs to see the world.

  2. Oh. Someone must have not paid their POBox fee. Maybe I should do a fundraiser.

    I wish Amy would comment.

    And Wes Stone.

    I really think Wes & Faryl would have fun! She is just as adorable as adorable can be. And Nan! And that Wendy!

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