5 thoughts on “BFO1484 – Risen From the Dead

  1. My wish list –
    a picture of the Skull in all her glory
    ( we have a better chance of seeing Big Foot than we do of KB, so I’ve had to let that one go..)
    The LK Today returns
    An impromptu voice cameo from Mr Bacon

  2. Oy!

    Mister Bacon asked for the number last night. He was going to call and blow my cover. I could not wrap my mind around something and he said give me that number! I’m telling your podcasting friends. Lol,

    He said he is coming to Vegas next year – so I hope it works out.

  3. Keep on repeating…being successful is what happens at the BFO. Always enjoy the little show. Thanks for mention! God I sound like a douche when I talk about washing the dishes…

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