4 thoughts on “BFO1530 – Hot Fudge Cake

  1. My post office where I work has 120 people sorting mail. Every December 1st at 6am when work officially starts(even though others have already started) Jingle Bell Rock starts up, and 120 people groan, cheer, make childish noises and many sing.
    This of course gets all sorts encore yelling,childish noises, and vulgar comments until it is played again and again.
    I actually was looking forward to it this year, it’s very funny.

  2. Oh..this goes on for 24 days, and gets more funny each day as people start to pop off at the slightest thing. Stress!!!!!!!!

  3. How lucky am I?!!?

    Kal is dreaming about me.
    Larry Vader claims to love me!
    Lurry Dean sings for me!
    Kim, Bob & Hat send me postcards out of the blue ~

    And WES played some soothing sleepy music for me!!! Hawt!

    Life is good!

  4. Shit!!!

    Then I remember Adam hates me.
    (Kidding of course, look, I wrote the S word).

    Hot fudge cake – chocolate brownie split – scoop of vanilla ice cream in between – hot fudge poured over the top – whipping cram – cherry.

    Millstone Family Restaurant. Used to be my favorite.

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