5 thoughts on “BFO1549 – Worse Than George Washington

  1. I am so glad that Poodle and the Kitty are well again. Booze is evil. Do you really like bedroom shoes????????


  2. I want bedroom shoes. My father in law and his wife have indoor shoes and they bring them over when they visit (sometimes).

    I have suspended my campaign indefinitely. I’m never going towin .

    Its kind of on hiatus. LOL

    I am not posting on Facebook and Twitter this year.

    So happy Poodle was better today! Um – you didn’t say – you didn’t turd your pants that was clear did you find the misplacedapple snack ccard?

    Why aren’t my spaces working. ?

  3. Poor Kim beaver. Smooches KB.

    Trust me – my hiatus is much harder on me than anyone.

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